Franz Johann’s Gangnam Style!

My son’s own rendition of Gangnam Style! Priceless K-pop dance for keeps! I love youtube, it stores memories of the past in motion style! My son will surely hate me for posting this when he sees it in his teens. Goodluck to me in explaining that this is all for my first blog.



Flickr is an image and video hosting site. This is widely used by bloggers to post photos and videos for social sites. Personally, I love photos and this site is somewhat like a online album. It enables me to archive the photos that I took from my digital camera and share those with my friends, as the photos in Flickr can be viewed by other people without creating a Flickr account. So what happens is when we go out and have separate digital cameras, we share the photos that we took by uploading them into Flickr and just share the link to those that I was with when I went out.Image


Twitter is pretty much like a blog but with a twist. It’s the pocket version of a blog, that’s why its classified as a ‘microblog’. As such, its users are only allowed to post up to 140 characters for a post, which they term as ‘tweet’. It has a logo of a bird. I believe this is so because a bird’s chirp sounds like ‘tweet tweet’. Honestly, I enjoy Facebook more than Twitter because I find it more interactive and feature rich.


I really enjoy using Facebook as one of social media because I am able to contact and communicate with my current as well as past friends. I always get updates on what’s happening with my friends here in Australia and overseas. I also enjoy posting pictures and videos of my son. It serves as a documentary of his developments and achievements. I also like to share the places where I have been to. The timeline feature of Facebook enables me to see what I have gone through with my friends and how I interacted with them during this time.facebook2